Bushra Sarker

1 in 10

Sexual abuse can occur at any time regardless of gender, orientation, ethnicity, level of education, or socioeconomic group. Survivor’s voices are often silenced, often into adulthood, creating many years of emotional and physical trauma. One in ten children are sexually abused, and it only takes a single person sharing their story to inspire other people to come forward. It is my goal to help people overcome their fear of openly discussing child sexual abuse by telling the stories of survivors. I created an anonymous online questionnaire, finally receiving 290 responses from survivors. The quantity of responses underlines the need to share stories.


Existing campaigns have used fear-inducing visuals designed to create discomfort. My intent is to create a simple and approachable identity that highlights the crudeness of the problem. My research has been transferred into a print report, a poster series, a public installation of messaged pillows, and an online platform that performs as a community for survivors. The campaign icon, a flower, represents the delicate nature of the issue, with one out of the ten petals indicating a survivor. The work evolved into an awareness campaign with installations in a range of public spaces: lounge areas, staircases, and bathrooms. Items such as stickers, key rings, luggage tags and pins activate the private space indicating a person is a survivor. indicate they are a survivor. Each of these interventions activate spaces in a way that raises awareness, but also relies on the power of words, of speaking, to bring this issue to light.

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